7 Home Office Tax Deductions You Should Know About

home office tax deductions

It’s been roughly four months since many people started working remotely as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, and there are many underrated benefits of working from home. During this uncertain economic time, every penny can be worth saving. For many of us, we might be wondering, “What home office expenses can I deduct for … Read more

The 10 Underrated Benefits of Working From Home

benefits of working from home

Is remote work the new normal? Amid the coronavirus pandemic, working from home has become more common as a way for non-essential workers to practice social distancing. Pandemic aside, the workplace of the future is looking more simple as more people have the flexibility to work remotely. Today, we will be sharing 10 underrated benefits … Read more

4 Ways to Declutter A Messy Home Office

messy home office

If you work from home, you probably have a home office. And if you’re a certain kind of person (read: an organized one), then your home office is likely a sanctuary. It’s a clean, well-organized space that allows you to disconnect from the rest of your house while you work. Good for you, and fair … Read more